Papa Gio’s is a family owned and operated pizzeria that brings true authentic New York City pizza to Orlando, just like you would find in The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Giovanni, originally from Queens, believes you deserve to enjoy the real authentic New York pizza the way it is done in The City. The way he does this is by using only the freshest ingredients, preparing the dough daily on premises, and using only 100% Grande Mozzarella Cheese.

Every one of our pizzas is hand tossed and placed in our stone deck ovens to give the crust that perfect Neapolitan taste each and every time. We have that perfect pizza to suit everyone’s taste from plain cheese to chicken parm to our signature lasagna pizza.

Having grown up in Astoria, famous for being New York City’s premier Greek neighborhood, Giovanni was also introduced to the “Gyro”. Here at Papa Gio’s Pizzeria and Restaurant we serve the highest quality blend of beef and lamb gyros sliced straight from the cone, garnished with the freshest vegetables and topped with tzatziki sauce.  Watch as we prepare your gyro the way you ordered it with our open style kitchen.

Fun Fact: The Greek pronunciation is [ˈʝiros], the English often pronounce it jy-roh or occasionally yeer-oh.

Why Come to Papa Gios:

  1. We only use the finest ingredients.
  2. Our pizza dough is freshly made every day on premises.
  3. We only use 100% real Grande Mozzarella Cheese